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When Words aren’t enough


Grief is hard on everyone. We can help.

The Grief Warrior box delivers helpful, useful and healing products to a grieving person’s doorstep. Love and comfort always included.



When someone dies, it can be hard to know what to say or do to help to those still living.

Maybe you send flowers - but flowers die (and someone has to throw them out). Maybe you make a meal - but so does everyone else (you can only freeze so many casseroles).

Now you can DO something that will actually help.

When you buy a Grief Warrior box, you’re sending carefully selected and created products that can make life a tiny bit easier for someone in grief. You’re also acknowledging a friend or loved one’s pain. You’re letting them know you see them and want to help with their healing.

Acknowledgment is the most important gift of all.




I’m Leslie. In 2015, my husband died. Cancer. Steve was 46. His death brought my world to a screeching halt.

Has your world just stopped, too?

Believe me, I get it.

Grief is the price of loving someone fiercely. It’s a normal, and unavoidable, part of life.

That doesn’t make it any easier.

I created the Grief Warrior box so I could share some of the things I wish I’d had during my darkest, saddest days. I hope these carefully chosen and lovingly created items bring solace and comfort in this time of despair.

I named this company Grief Warrior for two reasons. First, after a loved one has died, the rest of us have to keep going, even if we don’t want to. Simply continuing to put one foot in front of the other makes us true warriors. Second, often we must confront expectations about what the grieving process should be. Comments like, “Have you moved on yet?” “Are you over it yet?” “He’s in a better place” can push us further into isolation. We learn to protect ourselves with a layer of heavy armor - clink, clink, clink.

I hope to soften the armor of grief by validating the pain and witnessing the emotion. As the company grows, I’ll be building a safe, supportive community for those in grief and developing a corporate grief benefit so companies can offer equitable, compassionate services to grieving employees.

Remember, you are not alone.

With love,



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Every Grief Warrior box contains helpful, useful and healing products thoughtfully chosen and created for those experiencing grief. Our lovingly selected gender-neutral products include a gift book, a journal, a “Ways to Help” notepad, wearables, natural anxiety relief aids and more.

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The Grief Warrior community will provide education, connection, and belonging to those in grief. Members will be able to connect with others with similar losses to share and learn together. The Grief Warrior community will be a safe, supportive space for all who join.

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Grief Warrior is developing a corporate grief benefit to bring equitable, compassionate services to grieving employees. Services will include professional 1:1 grief coaching, workshops, and trainings. For more information, send us a message below.


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